CS-Cart Translator Quick Guide

We no longer maintain the Knowledge Base since version 4.3.x. All the latest user and developer documentation for 4.3.x and newer versions is now available at docs.cs-cart.com.

  • This article is available only for CS-Cart versions:
  • 4.0.x

CS-Cart Translator Quick Guide

CS-Cart Translator is a web service that is used to collaboratively translate the CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor software.

It is based on the WordPress’s GlopPress.

Here is a quick guide that will help you get started.

Get Started

Go to the CS-Cart Translator website and log in using your CS-Cart community forums username and password (the Log in link in the upper right corner of the page). If you don’t have an account yet, just create a new one—it’s free.

On this page, all the released and scheduled CS-Cart versions are listed.


Select the nearest scheduled version:


On this page, you see all currently available languages. Choose the one you want to contribute to. For example, Italian.

Note: On the left, you can see another Sub-projects box, with Multi-Vendor in it. If you want to contribute to the Multi-Vendor translation, switch to this sub-project. The rest of the workflow is identical.

Add/Edit a Suggestion

Here you can see all the present language variable translations. Note the legend at the bottom of the table explaining the color codes in use:

language variables

  • Language variable—unique language variable name and its context to make it simplier to locate an entry in the CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor storefront or admin panels
  • Original string—original English text
  • Translation—string translation to the selected language. This is the only column you will be editing

Double-click on any item or click Details to edit it:

edit language variables

In the text area, enter your translation variant and click the Suggest new translation button.

And that’s it! The suggestion will be submitted and, if approved by a validator, will be included in the next CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor version.

Suggestion Approval

A validator will review your suggestion, then approve, edit, or reject it. When a new CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor release is built, all approved suggestions by that point are included in the distribution package.

You can also download an approved translation using the Export button at the lower left corner of the page (you should first switch to the language you want to download the translation for).

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