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  • This article applies to CS-Cart versions:
  • 3.0.x


After the main executable file (admin.php or index.php) is launched and preparatory procedures (prepare.php) are accomplished, initialization file (init.php) is executed.

Initialization includes the following steps:

  1. Reading configuration file.
  2. Connecting files of the program core.
  3. Filling class $Registry with configuration data and array of program settings (cached) from the database.
  4. Connecting initialization files of installed, enabled addons.
  5. Launching revision mechanism (only for the admin panel).
  6. Launching the AJAX mechanism.
  7. Launching session mechanism.
  8. Setting paths to active skins of the program.
  9. Parsing GET parameter "dispatch" for further use in the controller connection function fn_dispatch();
  10. Setting the current currency and language.
  11. Filling class Registry with language variables (cached) from the database.
  12. Extracting from the database descriptions of the country and the state of the company and entering them into the settings array in class Registry.
  13. Forming a data array for the current user, which is entered in Registry and made available for the templater.
  14. Setting time zone.
  15. Entering base variables into the templater object - Registry::get('view').
  16. Initializing mechanism of end-to-end search for objects "product" and "page".


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